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Our calculators will tell you what you need to know and are designed to accurately reflect construction costs. They take into consideration additional fees you may encounter for wells, septic systems, excavation and other items. It would be easy to give you a number you would like to hear, as is often and unfortunately the practice in our industry but we refuse to do this.

We will always attempt to give you accurate estimating tools. With Paragon, you can expect straightforward, honest and accurate estimating. Click below to access the calculator.

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Type of Home Package/Kit

What type of home are you considering? (choose one)

Paragon Home Kit complete with project management services

Paragon Conventional Home Package

Paragon Engineered Log Home Package (square logs)

Paragon Timber Frame Home Package

Paragon Conventional-Timber Frame Hybrid Home Package


What type of footprint will your new home have? (choose one)




Will the basement have a walkout?


Square Footage

How many square feet of living space, excluding the basement and garage?

Will your house have a garage? (choose one if a garage will be included)

No garage

Single bay garage attached to house

Double bay garage attached to house

Single-bay detached garage (separate structure)

Two-bay detached garage (separate structure)

Finishes and Options

Tell us about your preference for how you will finish your home (choose one)

It will have standard quality finishes

It will have premium finishes (e.g., plumbing, electrical, flooring, doors, trim)

Premium Appointments include predominantly hardwood and ceramic floors, upgraded fixtures & lighting, wood cabinets, fireplace, upgraded countertops, decks.


Will the basement be finished? (check if yes)

About Your Land

Will you require a well and septic system?


Most rural lots do not have municipal water and sewer services and require a well and septic system


Based on your inputs, the estimated cost to build your home is as follows

Cost to build home, excluding cost of land will be calculated

Cost per square foot of living space, excluding garage will be calculated


Sample monthly mortgage cost, 25 years at 3.5%, 25% down will be calculated*

*All figures are quoted in Canadian Dollars

Estimated cost of building the same home using conventional contracting and materials (non-Paragon construction) will be calculated

Your estimated savings when you build with Paragon will be calculated


Remember that this is an estimate and that costs can be lower, or higher, depending on many variables including topology, furnishings, location and services.

Estimate includes all costs/fees to construct new home including:
our project management fees
Paragon home package, if selected
Plans and Permits

Estimate does not include land, landscaping, porches and decks.

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