Log & Timber Frame Homes

We are one of the few -  if not the only - custom home builder that can design and build your new home in a variety of styles including log, cedar, timber frame and hybrid timber.We apply the same diligence in creating your rustic home as we do to conventional construction, and even more so, as systems such as log and timber framing have very particular structural and construction requirements.

Log Homes

In a log construction, exterior walls are made of solid pieces of lumber, typically white pine or cedar, as are all structural elements such as posts and beams. We can provide you with a complete log home package in many different styles including engineered log, which typically features a square or rounded profile and full round log, just as in rustic times.

Timber Frame

This unique method of construction uses rugged timbers to create the structural shell of your home. It typically features large load-bearing timbers, vaulted ceilings and large expanses of light. This is a very customized form of construction that we can fully handle for you from start to finish.

Hybrid Timber Frame

In a hybrid system, you get the look of timber frame or log but within a more economical conventional home shell. That is because none of the timbers are load bearing, which allows them to be smaller in diameter and less expensive. Furthermore, you can apply the timbers wherever you wish. To get the look of a log wall, we machine our wood siding to give you the appearance of log, both inside and out or as you prefer.

We provide economical, value-laden rustic home packages – not just walls and lumber, with one of the most complete kits available in order to eliminate surprises. Design possibilities are unlimited. You can choose from one of our models or we can design something for you from scratch.

With Paragon Homes you’re not just purchasing lumber. You’re buying into 25 years of experience – we’ve built them, we know them, and we know all the challenges involved in getting it right and on budget. We can guide you on:

• what is involved in building a log or timber home

• where money can best be spent

• which upgrades offer true value and satisfaction and which ones don’t

• what needs to be done up front and what can be done later as an upgrade

• how to get the maximum quality while respecting your budge


We are an authorized agent for Confederation Log Homes

We've enjoyed a relationship with Confederation Log Homes for several decades and are proud to be their authorized agent. We can provide you with a full list of services for your new confederation log home including kit-up, project management and construction services.


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You can rest assured that we are dedicated to offering you superior service and satisfaction as your dream home comes alive.