Plans & Design

Plans and Design
We can help you with designs and plans for your new custom home design or custom renovation including:
  • Creating custom designs and plans from scratch to meet your exact needs
  • Working with existing plans or ideas to create a unique design for you
  • Modifying one of our own select plans to your liking
Our certified designers are all experienced in the design and construction of custom homes and renovations. We insist on it to ensure that what we design for you is practical, affordable, and buildable! 
Home Packages
For our self-builder clients, we can provide you with a complete home package kit featuring the best value in framing lumber, windows and doors, roofing and all other construction materials, delivered to your job site anywhere in the world. Our kits are all-inclusive, with no surprises, and feature our own unique R-32 Paragon Wall system for superb energy efficiency
We include complete building construction plans with all of our home packages.
Our home packages offer the best value for the money, and feature top quality materials from reputable suppliers to help make your project a success!