There are many benefits to making your next custom home or renovation a Paragon!


Save Money

Our open-bidding system and tendering process gets you the best prices from the best trades and saves you money.


Eliminate General Contractor Profits

General contractors make money on everything, whether they are involved or not. That includes all fixtures, cabinetry, sub-trades,

materials and labour. Our system eliminates these hidden costs, thus saving you a substantial amount of money.


Get a Better Built Home

Our extensive trades database exposes the strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities of each trade such that together, we can choose the best trades for the project. If you have unique construction needs (e.g., log, cedar, timber, healthy homes) we know the specialty trades that can best fulfill those needs.


With Better Materials

Contractors buy the materials for your home when they need it, and choose what is cheapest in order to make more money. With Paragon, we do not skimp on materials quality and we use only the best materials to build you home including Weyerhaeuser engineered structural materials, plywood sheathing and lifetime roof shingles.


And Energy Efficient Design

Our R32 wall system is designed to ensure the ultimate in energy efficient building envelope design and it comes standard with all our Paragon Home packages. We can also tailor your home to meet very particular energy efficiency and healthy homes standards.


Shop With Freedom

Contractors require that you use particular suppliers for plumbing, electrical and bath fixtures, cabinetry and other materials. This allows them to profit on your purchases. We encourage our clients to shop around for the best deals in flooring, fixtures, finishes and cabinetry. You are free to spend as little (or as much) as you wish, where you prefer, and we don not take any profit on your personal purchases.


Your Participation is Welcome

You are free to participate and contribute to your project in order to save even more money. And you are always welcome on the job site - with the proper security gear of course!


Get the Home You Want

We are a full service design-build company and it is our pleasure to customize each and every aspect of your home to meet your objectives. With Paragon, there is never any need to settle for off-the-shelf plans.