The concept of turnkey construction from Paragon Homes is simple:

We take care of everything!

We take care of the planning, design, construction, decoration, landscaping, etc., ensuring that even your slightest needs are met. As turnkey contractors, we give special attention to the details of your new home, to your objectives and all other characteristics likely to contribute to the quality of your life and business.

Except for a few timely interventions that are part of the normal construction process, a turnkey construction from Paragon Homes lets you concentrate on your life, and your professional and business activities. Because you are dealing with a trustworthy contractor, you will have the peace of mind and the assurance that your new home will reflect your needs and desires within the prescribed time frame and budget. Your guarantee of satisfaction is based on our 25+ years of experience as a construction project management firm and contractor, our ingenuity, and our respect for clients.

As diversified builders, project managers and home kit providers, we have completed numerous residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Paragon Homes has demonstrated exemplary contracting and turnkey service through the construction of commercial centers, factories, office buildings, recreational facilities, industrial warehouses, medical clinics, laboratories, hundreds of custom homes, and many more since 1989. The variety of challenges and unique situations we have encountered as a construction contractor and project manager have stimulated our ingenuity, particularly with regards to the       integration of new technologies and processes, the adaptation to various professional specialties and specific techniques, and the use of new and cutting edge construction materials.           

Unlike most construction managers and general contractors who merely manage a roster of subcontractors, Paragon Homes takes a different approach. We utilize only approved trades and vendors through our special standing offer system. We do not subcontract to other project managers, and we remain on top of your project from start to finish. Imagine dealing directly with the principals of the company and getting firsthand information from those who are doing the work, or having someone troubleshoot issues before they affect your budget or schedule. That's a welcome change from the standard approach to building custom homes.

Our turnkey construction services offer a combination that is rare today. We have large project experience, yet we're small enough to provide personal service. We also have the resources of many architectural and engineering firms at our disposal for design/build projects. Paragon Homes is known for pleasing its customers because the goal is to treat every project as the first and only one. We would be honoured working with you in designing, producing and building your new home.


Here’s to dreams realized!

Frank Murray