Construction Project Management System

Our construction project management system is a unique process that we created to build homes better, and more economically than a general contractor, while at the same time reducing risk for our clients. It is very detailed and features many checks and balances to ensure that no stone is left unturned and that no dollar is wasted. We work diligently with you to get everything right including the design, the budget, and the actual construction.Here are some of the key steps in our exclusive process:

Step1 – Trial Planning
Together we evaluate the project from many perspectives including trial budget analysis, understanding the type of home you seek, the type of land, your schedule, financing, if wish to participate, and the goals and objectives for your home from all perspectives including time horizons and quality of life. For example, it is important to map out the size of your family both now and in the future.
Step 2 – Design and Plans
Once we have identified the project requirements and constraints we work closely with you in designing your home. Using a detailed drafting and estimating system that we developed we take the concept from the trial planning stage and turn this into a complete set of plans.
Step 3 – Tendering
Our standing offer system secures the finest trades at the best possible prices. All trades within a 100 mile radius are classified in the Paragon Trades Database and each is qualified in terms of the value they can provide our clients. Value includes price competitiveness, quality of work, reliability, respect of schedules, safety standards and work practices. We short-list the highest value trades every year and negotiate agreements at preferential terms for future projects. This ensures that only the best trades, at the best possible prices, will be used to quote on the construction of your new home.
Step 4 – Final Budget and Schedule
We then review the budget together, make necessary adjustments, select trades based on the results of the tendering process, perform final negotiations on your behalf, and effectively lock-in the budget, the construction cycle, schedules, statements of work – literally everything needed to proceed in confidence.
Step 5 – Construction
Once we have everything locked-in, we are ready to begin construction per the schedule. It is only at this point that the shovels touch the ground. At this stage, we manage the construction site from A to Z including management of the schedule, ongoing inspections, coordination of trades, municipal inspections, workmanship standards – everything that goes into ensuring that your home is built right, on budget, and on schedule!
Our process exposes the use of literally every penny and every minute that will go into building your home on-time and on-budget. It ensures you are receive competitive prices from the best trades, and that your home is built using best practices. And our open-book tendering system eliminates unnecessary mark-ups by contractors.
Together we work at meeting your needs and realizing your dream, on time, and within budget!