Straight Talk

Straight Talk About Our Construction Project Management Services

We do believe Honesty Is The Best Policy. These are some things you should be aware of before you sign on the dotted line for a managed construction project. Read below to see if our project management service is for you.

Your Participation is Critical

To get the most home for the money you need to work hard at it. In today’s hectic world, not everyone has the chance to devote time to the construction of their home. If you are a busy professional with little time to spare and little interest in participating, talk to us for about turnkey services. It will cost you more money, but it may make more sense for your lifestyle.

We Will Not Blow Your Budget. You Will.

When confronted with so many choices for options and finishing materials (floors, fixtures, fireplaces, appliances), it may be a challenge to stay on budget. Your project manager’s duty is to protect your budget and make you aware of what you can afford.

All Projects Have Challenges

It is virtually impossible for everything to run perfectly all the time. There will be challenges during planning and construction. Our duty is to eliminate as many of these as possible from the outset, resolve conflicts if they do occur, and keep things running smoothly, on time and on budget. But even the best planned project cannot predict weather patterns, your electrician’s health, the cost of fuel, or a landslide.

We Cannot Do 100 Homes a Year

We insist on controlling the amount of projects we do to retain our quality and service levels as we are a small, specialized company. Half our projects are signed a year ahead of time to maximize planning, preparation and savings. If you are considering us, talk to us as soon as possible to see if there are slots available.

Construction Project Management Costs Money

The average fee for a managed project is roughly 10% of your budget. This fee will of course pay for itself by returning 15% to 25% savings net of our fees. As half our work is performed before a shovel ever touches soil, we bill up front for a portion of the work.

We Provide the House Kit on All Our Projects

We do this for two reasons. First, it's how we make money, and second, it's how we ensure quality construction. With most builders, the material used is a function of what is cheapest on the day they need it. We are not like that, and we insist on providing quality.